New dvd copy tool

new tool here is the link german


Would be good if the site was in English though.

I downloaded the demo from the last listed page, and it looks ok. I tried it with the new Planet of the Apes, and only got the main title in full disk mode though. Not sure if it was an option I had selected wrong or what. Video quality looked up to par with the other transcoders I’ve used (looked just as good as DXCX or D2One in movie only mode). Only problem I saw was that it’s SLOW, took over 2 hours to do the one movie I tried.

EDIT I forgot to mention it does it’s own decryption, so no ripper is required.

I’ll wait for clonedvd.

i hope when clone dvd comes out it compresses to 4.7gb as well. Wont really do us any good if it only copies disk for disk…


:EDIT:its DVD95Copy but with more features

look at screenshot

DVD95Copy looks like this

Not realy a joke, compare prices and see what package gives you more.
And of course the registration system is somewhat better;)
And just so its clear, DCS is using some legaly obtained code from dvd95copy.
At the end of the day, the DCS package is very very good value for money,Its definatly growing on me the more i use it.

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Forgot I’d posted here so I’ll update the post anyway :slight_smile:

how much is it?

I think from what i saw its 1 euro more, so a bloody good deal, only a big company could do that.I think its good news Digi got some big time backing, because it will mean good things for dvd95copy and DCS.
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