New dvd/cd burner/player

I own an LG GSA H42N player/burner installed in my pc which ive had for several years. There is one track on one cd which skips, pops, crackles, etc, etc. New cds purchased thinking it was the cd produce the same error… my car player and my home entertainment player have no problems playing the track

Hence, Ive come to the conclusion its the player in my pc. I dont know if youve heard of the test program ‘CD CHECK’, but i ran it after cleaning its lense with a cd lense cleaner, and the player passed the first level test which means it meets the minimum SR/EC (sound reproduction/error correction), but failed levels 2 (avg sr/ec), 3 (good sr/ec), 4 (very good sr/ec), and 5 (excellent sr/ec).

Even though my player only passes the minimal level test, it still managed to play and rip over 1000 tracks successfully, with only 1 track failing. . Naturally, this one track is my favorite!

My question is, without knowing how a possible new, replacement dvd burner would perform on this CD-Check test, I have no way of knowing if its going to be any better, and if it will be able to play the one track my current LG player is struggling with. Any suggestions?