New DVD/CD burner LH20-AIP

Hi. I had a local shop install this burner and it doesn’t read any type of cd or dvd. When I try reading one from My Computer, the message “Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk may contain corrupted files or may not be compatible with Windows.” The computer does ‘see’ the burner in safe mode, but I can’t use any programs to use it. The device manager says the burner is working properly and I’ve tried using the trouble shooting guide to no avail. I’ve also tried downloading the driver from Lite-on’s website, but whenever I do so, regardless of whatever version…LH20-A…, it says that it doesn’t match the device. I’ve also tried reinstalling the drivers on my computer using the driver disk that came with it. I have a Gateway desktop.

I’ve talked to the local shop about this and also have consulted Gateway tech. They both say that I have Windows XP Home Edition corrupted files. When I try to use the repair option of my OS disk, a message says that I have a newer version of xp already installed (it’s the same versiion except that the original has been updated by Windows’ website.) They say I have to reformat the hard drive and reinstall xp and then reinstall all the programs and data. What a pain! Has anyone else come across this problem? Is there a way to repair Windows files w/o having to reformat and reinstall?

Another thing…disk defrag only works in safe mode. This problem started before the burner was installed.

Thanks for your help.