New DVD Burners Double Capacity

I just saw today in the web news of high capacity DVD burners coming soon to market from Sony and Philips.

Sony Electronics says it will be shipping drives in about two months that accept blank DVDs with two data layers. Philips Electronics will start selling a similar drive in Europe in April, but is not saying when it will be available in the United States.

The Sony and Philips drives will use somewhat different discs. Sony calls its variant DVD-R DL. The Philips equivalent is DVD+R DL. Both disc types should be readable in standard DVD drives and players.

Sony will sell an internal drive for $230 and an external one for $330. They will be marketed only for Windows PCs, but the external one should work on Macintosh computers with the proper third-party software.

Philips will sell two internal drives with somewhat different features, both for PCs. U.S. prices have not been set.

The drives will be able to burn regular write-once and rewritable DVDs and CDs as well.

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Yes, it’s an exciting time to be interested in DVD burning. Myself I will wait until the 2nd generation of dual layer comes out. To wait for the “bugs” to be ironed out and because media is going to be dang expensive to start with.

CD Freaks recently visited the Cebit show and found out lots of interesting news about dual layer (and more).
Check out the article here. :smiley:

yeah I know what you mean software and hardware bugs…in the first generations. But as of now I know you can’t advance without having Bugs to come along. So if they do come out and I read the reviews are good I might buy one, but I do know they have made DVD burner so that at least give me some confidence that they hopefully planned for the Dual DVD. But if not man this is going to be one heck of a ride for the First Generations Dual-DVD news that alot of consumer will be complaining about for some time. But do you know what about that Blue-Laser they been talking about? That will hold 20-30 Gigs on DVD? Will those burner be able to do the dual and Hi-DVD at the same time? I know there is Red and Blue Laser but how compatible are they really allowing you to burn CDR, CDRW, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, D-DVD? I guess this will be the next challenge for Blue Laser DVD Burners.