New DVD Burner

As above should I wait for the 812 to be released:confused: if when is this going to happen as The 811 does everything I want but -8x burning, is this important

Or is the nec2500 a better drive

Your thoughts are appreciated

I used to be all for - because it came first, was cheaper and more compatible. However, given that some players still choke on -, I’ve become converted to the + alliance given that with bitsetting, it should play in every dvd capable machine that actually works. 811s does +r at hi speed, plenty enuff for me. u have to use even half decent media, but thats good for u too because its a better assurance that u have a quality burn that is on reliable media.
811 has also been around for a while so many tweaks are available for it and it’s pretty much sort of perfected. if the 401,411 and 811 are anything to go by, u may just need another 2-4 months to perfect the 812. look at all the reported probs with the A07…