New DVD burner?

I’m having a Pioneer DVR-108 (firmware 1.18, regioncode free and speeds unlocked) and I’m still happy with it. The media I use is Verbatim DVD+R Printable 16X MCC-004-00, also everything works great, happy with it. Usually I burn at 4X/6X/8X.

But… I’m encountering more and more problems when I occasionally burn other brands of media for other people. I think this is due to the fact my burners firmware doesn’t support newer media anymore.

Anyway: I’m looking into a new burner and I’m reading good things about the Pioneer DVR-112D/112/212 and the Samsung SH-S203B.

What are the differences between 112D/112, I also know that 212 is SATA but are there other differences? Are there disadvantages to sata burners (e.g. are they bootable?)?

I’m looking for a burner that has

  1. very good DVD burning quality with MCC-004-00 media (speed doesn’t matter, I select the speed which results in the best quality / least errors)
  2. good reading/scanning/ripping quality also with a good speed (I hate ripping a DVD movie @ 2X speed) and good error correction
  3. good firmware support by manufacturer
  4. also good DVD burning quality with other media although MCC-004-00 and future DVD+R Verbatim media are priority
  5. DVD-ROM booktype setting for DVD+R single and dual layer
  6. optional: unofficial firmwares (region code free and unlocked speeds)versions of latest official firmwares with latest media supports
  7. preffering sata

Which of the above burners are the best, or are there other good options? The samsung burner is no problem finding in my region, the pioneers should be possible but I will have to look for them.

Considering your requirements a Liteon would be the right writer for you.

The only difference between the 112D and the 112 is that the 112 is capable of DVD-RAM writing.

Ok I will look into Liteon, but at first sight it looks that the Samsung has slightly less errors on MCC-004-00 than Liteon. All 3 drives (Pioneer, Liteon, and Samsung) however have great burning quality on this media.

Someone knows what the differences are between Samsungs
SH-S203B ?