New DVD burner

Hi guys! :slight_smile:
I need to ask you a thing…i want to buy a new DvD-RW but i don’t know what it’s better:

[b]- NEC ND 4551 label flash

  • Pioneer 110 [/b]

Someone can help me?

Thx! Bye.


Plz, i need to purchase one of this! :wink:

Oh, i add one DVD-RW to the list: :confused:


  • NEC ND 4551 label flash
  • Pioneer 110
  • LG GSA-4167B

Wich is better?
I hope to read some reply.
Thx and sorry for my english. :bigsmile:

Of the three, I’d say the LG 4167 or Pioneer 110. I have no experience of NEC, so I can’t really offer an opinion on that one.

However, I know for definite that the LG will not do Nero quality scans (I think the Pio will with a bit of tweaking, although I could be wrong).

Hopefully someone familiar with NEC drives will add their input. :slight_smile:

Thx man!
Now i’ve read reviews, and LG seem better.

I have both the Pio 110 and the NEC 4551.

Actually, the Pio 110 is my choice #1.
It is replaced soon by the 111 drive, BTW. :wink:

Hey chef, funny you should say that - I was discussing with my neighbour (who owns a Pio 110D) about whether the 111 would make an appearance any time soon.

Eerie! :bigsmile: