New DVD burner


I wanna get a new DVD burner, this one look good enough, what do you think? worth the money?

LG GSA-4167B

Some one who have this burner can tell me if it worth to buy it? what is the pro’s and con’s?

and i just wanna make sure, is this burner in this link

is the same as the burner in the first link above?

And when i burn a data DVD disc 4.7GB the data will be presented the same as a normal cd-r disc? or there will be some probelms because its a 4.5 GB?

The same question on 8.5 GB DL…



Good burner - buy it IMO


LG burners do a very good job of burning all the quality media I use. As Mike said, go for it. Just be aware that scanning and fast ripping are not an option. Also some LGs have a problem burning -R 16X media at 12X. Lastly, they will not bitset +RW media.

If those things are OK, go for it.

It’s a great burner, i prefer to use my LG more then my BenQ or NEC.
Mainly because it’s the fastest :slight_smile: and certainly just as good and often better.

For you last question about the 4.5 and 4.7 gigs, look here. If this is what you’re meaning.

Damm… and i really thought it will be 4700mb space…


  1. Is the burners in the links are the same?
  2. And there will be any different between the quality of an 4.7 DVD data disc that i burn to the normal cd-r 700 mb data disc?
    And the same question about 8.5 GB DL…
  3. I burn my AVI. files on CD’s and I sometimes take the CD and watch my AVI. files… from the cd(it was in CD-R)
    Will i be able to do that with a DVD-+R?? and there is any chance that the AVI. files quality will be damaged because of the fact that its burn on a DVD-+R CD?


Yes, they are the same. There is only one LG GSA-4167B. Check the model number on the label, it should be GSA-4167B as shown in the photo below. It may say Product of Korea or Product of China in the corner; that doesn’t matter.

No, bytes are bytes and files are files. A data DVD is no different from a data CD from the point of view of reading files [only about 6.5 times larger]. You put bytes in, you get the same bytes out.

No, they won’t be damaged or lower quality, for the same reason as 2. Your computer will read the same AVI files from DVDs. Each DVD will fit six or seven of CD-sized video files.

P.S. 240 NIS is a good price for this drive, buy it. How much of that is tax?

Thank you very very much for your help… i couldn’t get any better answers :slight_smile:

And i dont know how much, but i think the VAT is 16%.


btw, 240 NIS is 49.3 $

Ho yeah, 1 last thing, what the heck in the difference between

DVD-R to DVD+R ???

which one in better? and why? and what this AZO in verbatim disc?

Based on technical reasons dealing with the physical construction, +R is supposed to be better. Based on my scans of TY, +R is better.

Thx man but each article is like a scroll… i’ll just get the +R and hope it will be better…

But how can i know if Vebratim DVD are made in TY? is it written on the spindle pack?
And again, what the hell is this “AZO”? I searched all over the .Net and didnt find an answer.

It really won’t make much difference as both -R and +R from TY or MCC will both be excellant.

TY is made in Japan, most Verbatim is MCC, also very good. If you are in EU avoid and “pearl” discs as they are Ritek.

Azo dye formulation is patented by Mitsubishi Chemicals. Unlike cyanine, azo dyes are chemically stable, and typically rated with a lifetime of decades.

I own an LG 4167b. Its a very very good burner. Not the best reader though.

Verbatim media can be either TY or MCC (as long as you dont buy ‘Verbatim Pearl White’ which can be CMC and Ritek).

MCC and TY burn very very well and are considered the best DVD Dyes available at this time.

To answer your earlier question, Data DVD’s will be presented the same as a Data CD on your PC. (But obviously with more capacity).

4.7gb dvd’s are actually 4.38gb, check this out: