New DVD burner won't function

Recently I bought an IDE DVD burner from newegg model LG #: GH22LP20.I set the jumper on this drive as the slave drive because I have a Lite On DVD Rom set as the master.Well if you click on “MY Computer” it says drive letter F is a DVD-RAM Drive and then when I put in a new blank DVD+R it says CD Drive.Also if I try to play a DVD movie it won’t play the movie and I just get an error message and I have tried the GOM and windows media players.I just wonder if maybe I am using the wrong blank DVD’s but then like I said before it won’t play movies on this drive either.I know I have the ribbon cable plugged in good because my DVD ROM drive works perfectly which is drive letter E.Any help would be much apreciated.

You may need to ensure you have the jumpers properly installed. Also note that the Master drive should be on the end connector. The Slave drive connects to the middle connector. Ensure you are using an 80 conductor ribbon cable and not the old 40 conductor. You could try swapping cables. You may also want to try swapping which drive is master and which is slave.

I had a similar problem with a Lite-On iHAP422 burner. The difference is my problem was all it wanted to do was make coasters. The solution was to swap the iHAP422 to the end of the ide cable and set its’ jumper to be the master drive. Then, I put the dvd-rom in the middle and set its’ jumper to be the slave. I haven’t had a problem since. It turns out the iHAP prefered to be the master. Now, this is only hear-say, but, I have heard that most burner drives,reguardless of manufactorer, function better as the master…which is why I tried switching them around. In my case, it did.