New dvd burner will not install software

i recently brought a dvd burner, i have put it in my computer on the same IDE cable that is connected to my dvd/cdrw, it has shown up on the drive configuration as cd-rom. When my computer loads it comes up with a hardware update wizard and begins to search for the software but it never finds anything…the dvdrw does not show up in my computer either…any ideas?

As a first measure, ensure the Master/Slave/Cable Select jumpers on both drives are set correctly.

regards, Martin A

i have both my cd-rom devices set to cable select

also does any1 have msn that i could add them to because i have been having this problem for a long time and its just annoying and i wud prefer to get it solved immediatly


Hi and welcome around,

try it by setting up the burner as master and the cd-rom as slave.


i have tried putting the burner as master and the cdrw/dvd as slave but it did the same thing!?!?!