New DVD Burner, which one?

I would really appreciate some guidance in selecting my new DVD burner. What’s important:
1 - Compatibility with stand-alone DVD Players (mainly Sony, my older Sony that makes no claims as far as DVDR/RW plays better than a new one that promised to play it all).
2 - Quality of produced DVD on dual layer media. (I already know to use Verbatim as mdeia :stuck_out_tongue: )
3 - Burn speed.

It’s hard to buy many burners to find the one that will do all of the above at an acceptable level. I looked through some threads here… too much to read, plus some info is not so new anymore :confused:

Thank you very much.

i need to know as well. I’ve been a BenQ fan for the last two years and now they are gone. My BenQ 1655 has become more erratic than it used to be. I’m now clueless as to what drives are considered the best ones. Please someone help!

Pioneer is best for DVD only while LiteOn is good on both CD & DVD.

Lite-On 160/165 series are currently among the best, and at $30-$35 USD, they are an excellent value as well.

Thank you for your recommendations maxxjulie, Castros and BeardedKirklander. Pioneer burnere - which one in particular?
I currently have LiteOn SHW-1635SX and getting DVDs that my Sony is not playing. So I am not particularly happy with LiteOn, unless LiteOn 160/165 is much better. At this point… should I be looking at a different DVD player or burner? If player then which one?

Thank you for your suggestions very much.

In your case I think you should try Pioneer DVR-111D, it’s really good at burning DVD and for compatibility issue.