New DVD-Burner, - What to Buy?


My old DVD-burner is broken, and I’m looking for
a good replacement, - but i havent really followed
the marked lately, and therefore I’m not sure about
what to get.

The number one priorities for me are high quality burns,
booklet change and good scanning capabilities… The price
is not all that importent.

  • What burner do you recommend?

We will need more information, laptop or desktop, what are your tower specs? I f you have a recent desktop I would recommend the BenQ1640 or the LG 4163, or maybe even the NEC 3540 as a third choice. If you mean booktype not booklet, the Nec 3540 and the BenQ1640 would be great with the BenQ 1640 being my first choice.

If money are not an issue for you another choice is a Plextor 716.

Anyway I’m with alan1476 and suggest you a benq 1640.

Okay, - Thank you.

Sure i meant booktype, dont now where booklet came from.

Its a desktop pc.

I’ll have a look at the Benq.

what about NEC 4550? is it a good burner?

Dee-27 has told me to buy the NEC 4550, it is great reader.

The Liteon 1693 will also meet your needs and will burn better on some media than the BenQ. Add it to your list.

Allright - I’ll have a look at that one to, - thanks!