New dvd burner->samsung s202n or LG-h12L

Hi everybody, as you can see it’s my first post on this forum and I’d like to ask you for help in choosing dvd burner with lightscribe, p-ata interface.

I’ ve read many reviews and opinions on the abovementioned burners and am at a loss. I simply don’t know what to choose.

Priority for me is the quality, I really don’t care for speed or noise the burner generates. I mostly burn DVDs, and have many disc burnt already so I am also expecting good error correction (because many of disc are already in pooor condition…).

I’d be grateful if you could give your own opinion on both:
LG gsh-h12l and
Samsung sh-s202n, what are the pros and cons…


u can go for gsa H12N, i had one but after 11 months it gave problems. Previously my drive could burn DVD-R at 18x, but now when i burn it at more than 8x it gives error after completing 5% —“Focus or tracking error” i use nero 8