New DVD burner recommendation

hey guys ive never bought a DVD burner and im lookin at doing so

JUst wanted to get your guy’s opinions

i think SONY and Lite On r the good ones
but im not sure… i know back with normal cd burners lite on were good

Im lookin for the one that supports the most n i guess the fastest out atm

please reccomend me at sum models n brands of single layer

n dual layer
i must admit i dont know much about these + and - n the speeds
so ye im a dvd burner newbie
so pz be abit patient

Thanx guys

Buy an NEC any NEC.

Most if not all of Sony’s new DVD burners are just rebadged LITEON burners, buy which ever is cheaper. Heres a link to a list of rebadged liteon drives

wat is ur opinion on the lite on drives??

To be totally honest, my opinion of liteon drives after owning 4 now a 48246S + the 3 listed in my sig is: good cd burners and dvd rippers, good DVD+R burners not so good DVD-R burners.

If you can get hold of good quality media they burn fine if you want to use cheap media try some other brand of burner.

You need to spend extra on your media to get the best out of a liteon DVD Burner.

I was going to buy an NEC or a Pioneer instead of my 812S but they had the 812S on sale, it was $50 less than the other 2 so I bought it. It is better than my 411S but that wouldn’t to hard but it is not as good as my mates 107D or 106 Pioneer drives

this media problem liteon has does sony hjave the same problem
cause i will be using cheap media

Most Sony drives are rebadged Lite-On’s

If you want to use cheap media NEC is better, but in the end, cheap media mostly means cheap results.


Most Sony’s are liteons so the hardware is the same, I’m not sure if Sony write their on firmware but I doubt it, so if liteon has a problem so does Sony.