New dvd burner put into laptop, wont read the same cd as it did before


I read a thread on the site about optical drives not reading disks, but couldn’t find anything to help my particular situation.

I purchased an Asus Laptop while travelling in HongKong (don’t know if this info pertains to problem, but thought I better add it)

Anyways, six months later when I got back to Canada it was acting up. I sent it to be fixed and they put a completely new DVD/CD burner into it. I took it to a friends house hoping to show them a CD full of pictures. The CD was burnt on the old burner in the laptop and was viewed one or two times on it.

When I tried to view the same CD on the laptop after it was mailed back with the new burner in it, the laptop reads it as if it were a blank CD. The cd should not have any damage, it is very new and only view a couple of times. The laptop viewed a DVD burnt on the old burner fine, why not this particular CD? It is also viewing movies fine, so it all seems to be in working order.

Is it something to do with how the old burner processed the CD and this new burner can not recognize it?

I hope this explanation makes sense to everyone, I tried to explain the best I could with my limited computer knowledge. If you need any other info please let me know.

Thank you,

If the cd were burn using incd, install incd.

Is the new burner recognized in the bios or did you get errors like “IDE #1 ERROR”?