New DVD Burner Purchase

Hello. My first post. I want to say thanks for the info that enabled me to flash my Plextor 740a to a Benq 1640 BSOB firmware successfully. Now I can use QTools. Im using Taiyo Yuden TYG02 R- 8x’s and what a big difference when overspeed is enabled. Averaging 11.93x :smiley: Ive been here in the past countless times for burning and protection answers. Goggle searchs always led me here. My question is Im looking for another DVD Burner w/Lightscibe. What Im seeing is a great number of people are choosing the HP740i. Is this the burner to have with Lightscribe? Is a DVD Burner coming out with better performance or perhaps color? To be honest I hate HP…more their bloated software than anything while their hardware seems satisfactory. But times and company strenghs change. Im always open to suggestions. Thanks for reading.


I’ve read that lightscribe is not the effort because it takes so long to use…use your magic marker to label your disks instead. I don’t know this to be true first hand, just wanted to pass on to you what I’ve seen on some of these sites. Good luck.

The HP740i is a decent enough drive and some stores and sites have discounts and rebates to make it a few dollars less than similar drives (but I can’t find any right now, typical eh?).
One thing to keep in mind is do you really need litescribe? As burnselk says magic marker works fine and the discs are quite expensive.
If you can live without litescribe then have a look at the new lite-on drives.

You seemed to make it clear that you want lightscribe… so I won’t suggest a magic marker. Do you like your Benq 1640? If so then why not choose the Benq dw 1655. It’s slightly newer technology than the 1640 and it includes lightscribe. Pick one up at newegg for about $55

Thank you all for giving me some of your time. All opinions welcome. To the magic marker diehards, your opinions are welcome also. :bigsmile: I’m just a label guy. Its just part of trying to be a methodical and organized person. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not performance oriented. At least I try to be. Yes Stallen, thank you, after posting, I did read about the BenQ 1655 and it seems it’s performance can hold it’s own. My curiosity is…has anyone caught wind of a burner that will produce a “color” image or perhaps a different method is coming out to achieve such? Appearance or presentation means as much as the performance of a disk. I just backed up my files over the last week and yes they are labeled in magic marker. A lot of magic marker. But to give as a presentation or gift, I wouldn’t like to do. We put so much into compiling a disc, why cheap’n it? Just an opinion. But what I never could figure out was those who spent so much time and money on one aspect of a whole, just to go cheap in the end. Thanks for your time. :bigsmile:

If you want colour, then can i suggest buying printable CD’s and a decent printer that can do CD’s (I think the Epson RX2000 amongst others can do that).
Litescribe is nice, but you are still limited to the way they are etched i.e. you have to wiggle it in the light to see all the detail, if the discs are for (semi)professional use then I would not recommend it yet.
Then again you are in more of a possition to say what your needs are, so for the record, no there are no colour discs / burners out yet, but the technology is being developed.