New DVD burner not working

Hi Board

I just recieved and installed the
into the same spot as the cdrom with the same setting (slave) on the primary ide ribbon as the Harddrive being (master)

when I insert a dvd I get the folder contents not the start of the picture

when I select the drive within nero 6 (Latest version) I get
“cannot play from this location”

I thought the burner does not need a driver
is it at all possible to view a dvd using win98?
I’m not even thinking of burning anything at this point

when I try to test RIPIT4ME I get the following


When I run DVD Decrypter just to test I get this failure message in the log

I 16:33:23 DVD Decrypter Version started!
I 16:33:23 Microsoft Windows 98 SE
W 16:33:23 Drive C:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB
I 16:33:23 Initialising ASPI…
I 16:33:23 WNASPI32.DLL - ASPI for WIN32 Manager for WIN95 - ASPI for WIN32 DLL - Version
I 16:33:23 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices…
E 16:33:23 GetASPI32SupportInfo Failed!
E 16:33:23 Reason: General internal ASPI failure

(Is this dvd burner for a ide Drive it said so on the burner info)
what is a ATAPI device mean is it different then ide

Heres my hardware
p3 1000
tusl motherboard
512 memory
Win98 se

Primery IDE
Master- Harddrive
Slave - New dvd burner

Secondary - IDE
Master - nothing
Slave - zip 100

Anyone know what could be wrong with the NEW DVD burner or my setup/Hardware?
I built this thing about 8 years ago and have never had any problems with anything not even the power supply.


First thing I would try would be to put the burner in as Master on the Secondary IDE channel. You’ll have to change the jumper on the back of the drive to the master setting, and plug in the end connector on the secondary cable to the drive.


the audio and the cdrw and cdr burning part seems to work fine
but for some reason this dvd drive will not play any dvd,
it just shows the folders content of the dvd

when I try to play a dvd with nero 6
I get a drive not ready message

Please see all my info at top of tread may
you can see somthing worng


Do you have a dvd decoder in your computer? Win98 doesn’t have one built in you know. You’ll need something that can play dvds, like PowerDVD or WinDVD. One free player is called VLC. You can download it from here: Nero Showtime should work if you have the complete Nero 6 burning suite.

Been too long since I used 98 though. You might have a problem with the aspi layer. Nero should have installed one, but you might go to this page and follow the instructions for checking and installing an aspi layer in Win98.

Wow I was just at tucows downloading a trial version of windvd for 98
I did install everything from nero 6 I with the latest update as well
still no dvd playback

does nero showtime have a software decoder built in?

even if I upgrade to xp do I still need a software decoder?


I tried everything I will reformat and start from scatch tomorrow

anybody able to watch a dvd using win98 if please what did you do


I’m sure you have to replace the IDE cable with an 80 wire one.

My board is a asus tusl with ATA/100 support is that ok for 80 wire ribbon?
because I just noticed my new hard drive is a western digital 80gig EIDE
as well as the new burner and there both on the same primary ribbon

New EIDE hard drive is master, new EIDE DVD Burner is slave YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT, I currently have them on a 40 wire ribbon right now.
but I thought that would just effect speed?

Thanks for helping

i think it would be better if you gave them their own IDE channel, buy an 80 core ide cable and connect the burner to your seconary ide channel, changing jumpers to suit, as said in above posts

Don’t know what you mean?
I have them on the primary ide as master and slave

I can use the cdrw and cdr fine its just the dvd playback
Ijust can’t get to work or nero to find the drive to test even
I thought nero is decoder and playback

Get VideoLAN Media Player here (look at the note for Win98/ME): Use Nero for burning not for viewing movies, depending on the version/serial you have it doesn’t include a DVD decoder.

Secondary Master is the recommended location for your burner. Don’t connect any Slave (what are you still doing with a ZIP100 anyway? :wink: ) and use 80-wire ribbon (for both your hard drive and burner - 40-wire is ATA33/UDMA2 only).

heres a step by step guide, it shows you where the secondary ide channel is,
start off where it says “[I]Repeat the procedure for the CD drive[/I]”

I heared that alot about my zip drive, I trust those zips better then any media
in this world it has never corrupted or let me down I had some of the most important info on those password protected zips and still do.
I had brand name cdrw media corrupt a dozen times or more losing all important data on me, cdr never let me down but could not password protect anything the only drawback was only haveing a 100meg

I’m hoping dvd will give a lot of room for files and be as dependable as my zip drive still is and I will be set,

I don’t mind upgrading things but both of my computers p3 100 cusl and tusl boards work flawlessly including the zip100 and Yamaha 20x burner

I will start building two socket 775 p4 boards 2 gig or maybe 4gig next year (Asus boards I’m sure) but these two old computers are very fast with 512mem ( I kept saying when one acted up I would replace it, but it never has yet

Thanks for you help I will try that decoder and move the hard drive onto a 80 wire getting dvd playback has become a challenge now on win98 I know I could throw on xp home and probally fix everything but I do not want to waste it on this motherboardI don’t know how it would perform with xp

PS Win98 sees the samsung dvd burner under cdrom, but does not play dvd
has any watched a dvd on win98?

Thanks again for helping


Same with W2k. No problem at all.

but does not play dvd
has any watched a dvd on win98?
:iagree: Works for me using VLC or Mediaplayer Classic :iagree:


The 1000 Dollar question is can you view a movie like the 4th of July etc
on win98 os

Of course you can with an useful player software.

have you got the hard drive on the end connector of the ribbon cable and the dvd rom on the middle connector

Yes on one of my computers I had “80 wire” your rightk end is master
grey for slave blue for board, “40 wire” master is always in the middle
I always had that set right from the day I built them but that is a very good point.

Good news Finally I GOT BOTH SYSTEMS working great, with the samsung and Pioneer burners I just bought

Pionerr daul layer around $37 plus tax with 8.00 shipping
Samsung single around $30 no tax with free shipping
(this was a very nice burner for the money but black)
doesn’t match anything in my computer

Why so hard to find biege?

Both new burners came set in the master mode once I moved the cd-rom (slave)and DVD-burner (master) to the secondary 80 wire ide NERO started seeing it and adding it to its menu’s

(BEFORE UNDER propertys the burner was showing up but did not have dvd cdrw next to it when its working correctly that will show as well.

But the dvd playing did not work until one of my Son’s gave me a Lord of the rings dvd from a box set and when I installed it, asked to also install interactual player which played the dvd and any other dvd movie I put in.

I think xp has this decoder built in to the os, and nero just plays DVD’s using that

I thought Nero included a dvd player and decoder what good is it if it cannot play dvds by itself? I tried Videolan.exe that didn’t work at all, I even installed the 2 ms files in the system folder videolan instructed might help

Interactual played every DVD fine, and it came with a movie we aready had

Win 98 to me plays videos as well as laptops we have with xp
but then again its only been a few movies but very happy so far

Thanks to everybody for helping you guys are great!
I will help around here anytime I can thats for sure.

Thanks again