New DVD burner; new headache



Have Dell Inspiron 6000 - copy/burn a lot of opera and movies - bought new Optiarc 7530B (how come it’s not listed in your column?) to replace a supposedly “new” 6650 that was really not new (but that’s another story) and now the drive seems to be working perfectly - BUT

Although the computer says “howdy,” the BIOS at start-up does not recognize it in the boot-up. Is this something I need to repair - or worry about at all?

As to the 6650 - I bought it on eBay - labeled "new DVD burner for Inspiron 6000. When the drive came somebody up the line had pasted 1x3-inch labels over the factory labels and crossed out serial number and manufacture data! Hmm! Me thinks this is NOT a new unit! The seller denies any wrong-doing, but I’ve filed a complaint with eBay. What new product comes with serial and manufacture date blacked out? Umm. . . .


Yea…I don’t trust too much stuff wth ebay, especially not electronics. Any new electronic device that you buy is supposed to have the serial and manufacture date on there, and barcode as well. You’re right…somebody’s not tellin the truth…maybe the 6650 wasn’t uninstalled correctly???


Ummm, as to uninstall - all I did was remove the old and insert the new DVD unit, per Dell’s instructions. The 7530b works perfectly, it just doesn’t “light up” during the boot sequence. No problem, but the old DVD unit did light up. I know (GRIN) if it ain’t broke don’t mess around with it! Thanks for your reply.


I see, but did you uninstall from your computer drive as well? Most of the time when you get new computers you have to download all that crap(for example say you wanna install a program from a CD, then once you install it, you decide you don’t want it and have to go to your programs and features to uninstall it). And no problem! :slight_smile: I’m still getting used to this website. I’m a new member too.


Sorry, I don’t understand - I thought that when I took out the DVD unit the “driver” went with it. Please correct me if I’m wrong in this.
I only know enough to get myself painted into a corner.


Nah, you jes took out the driver, however the program from your old DVD unit is still installed on to you computer. I don’t know what type of computer you have but go to your control panel and uninstall your old DVD unit under programs and features. Perhaps your movies aren’t working because all of your movies are under your old default DVD unit. Try that and see if it works. :slight_smile:


Please forgive me, but I just got “bumped” from another forum section because I was “double dipping” or something, and am confused.
All I want to do is get some information from people who know about the Optiarc DVD units. . .sigh.
Anyway, I still don’t understand your insistence that I uninstall the DVD program. Here’s my info.
I’m using Inspiron 6000 (Dell) with WinXP Pro and some rather simple programs. OpenOffice, an older Quicken money program and a few other small programs. For my DVD/CD “control” I rely on Windows Media Player 11;DVDFab for downloading; and ImgBurn for copying CDs and DVD recording. If you mean I should uninstall those - why? They all work perfectly.
I do NOT have trouble watching or burning files - my question involves “why doesn’t the DVD player show some signs of life during boot-up?” The old one(s) did. Maybe I’m pounding sand. . .and maybe I should get a life! (my wife would agree)
I still don’t understand why my Optiard 7530 isn’t even listed on the Iggy portions of this forum - I thought it was Optiarc, and my computer recognizes it as such - but - SIGH - I’m confused.
Me thinks I should just shut up and go my way and have a nice day.
Thanks for your patience and postings.
Respectfully, LarryR


Well, folks - I need some advice - badly!

The new Optiarc 7530b that I installed two weeks ago suddenly lost its speed control, made loud clicking noises, and refused to eject discs. I was able to send it back to the seller - and am told I’ll get a new 7530 in exchange - UNLESS - their testing shows it is working properly.
My question to them was “if the unit were working properly, why would I spend my own time and money to send it back for another one?” I hope to hear later this week.
Now - is there ANYTHING in my Dell Inspiron 6000 that might be causing first the NEC 6650, then the Optiarc 7530 to lose speed control and refuse to burn properly?
I’ve gone into Device Manager, and checked through the drivers, and all are listed as working properly.
I finally replaced my old and slow Sony drive, and it is working perfectly, though v e r r r y slowly. SIGH.
I think I’m jinxed!
Any - and I mean A N Y - help is greatly appreciated here. Y’all obviously know much more than I do.
Respectfully, LarryR


Just installed my SECOND Optiarc 7530b - and this one is as erratic as the first one - whirs, buzzes, won’t always eject, and will only play an occasional DVD.
So - is there a compatibility issue here? Any one of you knowledgeable souls - will the 7530 work with my Dell Inspiron 6000? I’ve got 1.6 g Centrino with 1.5gb of RAM, and the Device Manager says EVERYTHING works fine.
The company I bought the units from - - seems anxious to please, but so far they’ve not answered my questions.
Anybody have a good idea? Maybe the 7530 just doesn’t work with the Dell? (I’m a bit desperate here)