New DVD Burner needed - Just tell me what to buy, heh

hello all,

i have been checking these forums randomly for the last few years, but rarely post. this time searching around didn’t help me come to a definite conclusion, so i am posting. anyway, my sony dru710 has been burning nothing but coasters recently. i’m ready to buy something new, but have no idea what. i’ve read a few threads and seen a few drives mentioned, but other users have requested what people use the drive for to help with the recommendation. for me, it’s burn quality. for as much research as i’ve tried to do to avoid posting a topic, i just can’t seem to narrow it down to a final drive, so i’m requesting you pro’s just help me out and tell me what to buy so i don’t have to make the choice, heh.

my friends and i make small/fun movies. just with dv cameras, import the footage, edit it down, and burn the movie, and usually make several copies.

what i need:

  1. burn quality
    i just want to burn discs, and not have to worry if they are going to work or not. i use dvdinfopro and will do a crc read error test on every disc i burn, and lately discs that pass that test 100% still skip around in a dvd player. usually you can tell the player is having trouble reading it. this just began to start happening the last few months, so i can only assume it’s the drive that’s dying.

  2. i only use dvd+r, so something that auto booktypes to dvd-rom would be nice.

outside of those things, i don’t really care. i’m not worried about price, i don’t need 18x burning, 16x is just fine with me. i don’t need lightscribe, nor would i use it even if i had it cause those discs cost so much. quality dual layer ability would be nice, but i’ve never even bought a dl disc since they cost so much, so that also isn’t very important. like i said, it’s just about best burn quality.

also, as i’ve been reading other threads, people make mention about all these different kinds of tests that some burners have that others don’t. i don’t know what any of those tests are offhand, but if a drive has those tests, that’s cool too. i’m sure i’d learn how to use them if they helped improve or ensure burn quality even further.

thanks! :bow:

Go to and get the cheapest deal. If you are getting a new intel system soon then go to Dell SB site and get a new SATA burner for $50 shipped, otherwise stick with the $28 drives for now.

Pioneer 111D with a flash to Buffalo firmware; best burners I have today, hands down.

unless anyone else has any suggestions/comments, a pioneer 111d it is. i will probably order later tonight or tomorrow. where would i find this buffalo firmware and flashing utility?

thanks. :bow:

First you crossflash with 8.19 and then you can go to the current 8.29. I prefer the 111L version.

What’s the advantage to the buffalo firmware? and is it available for a 110D?


You can burn buffalo and eat them. LOL It does bitsetting (DVDROM)for +R media if you need it. All new equipment is designed to play a cheese sandwitch. I have never needed it in all these years of burning and playing but some do and swear by it.

All the Pioneer 111 drives are the same. The firmware limits or activates features. When you crossflash the 111D with the 8.19L firmware, it is then a true 111L. The 111L firmware enables +R bitsetting and RAM writing.

aswell as Labelflash.
Bitsetting is done by DEFAULT.

I would recommend the NEC Optiarc 7173 with latest liggydee FW. It will enable Bitsetting and has burnquality improvements.
Can’t say anything 'bout the Pioneer, but for the burns I have seen from multiple burners - the new NEC smokes them all.
And I do not talk only about the PIE/PIF results. It’s the burner with the lowest Jitter and best Pit/Land shift I have seen.

I would have to dispute the quality of the latest NEC burners. From the 4570 on there have been severe problems with burns on even the best quality media. The latest NECs still have some [I]serious[/I] peaks in the PIF where it can be a real problem. I have two very high quality 35XX NEC burners and got suckered with a 4570.

Many others have found the same problems; some drives are fine but way too many are worthless.

I agree Chas, from what I have seen and heard, they are very inconsistant. The last Nec I owned was the 3540 and I was pretty happy with it, until I got BenQ fever, and now that is gone and I have been fooling with the new Liteons.:confused:

chas0039 Quote:

First you crossflash with 8.19 and then you can go to the current 8.29. I prefer the 111L version.

i did order the pioneer 111d and it’ll be delivered tomorrow. how do i go about the flashing. i’ve flashed drives before, but only with the stuff given on developers websites like sony or nec.

i went to that page linked above. i DLed the 8.19 and see it’s some file and an exe. do i just double click the exe and follow the commands in DOS after the drive is installed? then download the 8.29 file and do the same? is that how it works?

also, i assume 8.25 INT, 8.25 EXT refer to the internal and external versions of the drive, and since i’m using a internal i’d be using the INT firmware?

last thing, does the “8.19 crossflash then to the 8.25” mean it’s the “buffalo” firmware referenced above? chas0039 mentioned the 111L firmware is better, should I be using that?

as i stated in my initial post, i’m only concerned with the quality of the burn and auto DVD+R bitsetting to DVD-ROM, so which firmware should i be using?

thanks, and sorry for what probably sound like stupid questions.


Go to the Dangerous Brothers site and flash away. They have a modified 111 FW that is not buffalo and will give you all you need except bitsetting. Changes the drive to an A11XL even though it says 111 after the flash. I did this and have no problems of any kind. You can also do the buffalo thing later which works well also.


for what is the second link?

Should be the fw 1.29 FOR THE A11XL. I messed up didn’t I. I bad.

You might need to do this first.

Thanks Chef, you da man. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: