New DVD Burner,need HELP..!

I just got NEC ND-2510A yesterday. And it didn´t come with anything at all only the DVD burner. So I disconect the old one from my pc case and connect the new one in. I can downlord songs and movies to the havd disk, I can´t burn them in a disk. When i go to the evice Manager´, it showUnkown´. Do I have to download the drive fisrt or what? I´m totally lost :confused: :confused: and this is my fisrt time I do this kind of thing. Please help me… :sad: :sad:

Did you check the jumpers on the back of the drive before fitting it ?
master and slave they will be marked, you may also try a new IDE cable, 80 wire if possible.

If its Windows XP no drivers should be required. other versions of windows i’m not sure

Please be sure to read the NEC FAQ here on this forum by clicking here

Hi Dee,

Thanks for your answer. So you suggest I should try to get a IDE cable, 80 wire? How do I know whether the old cable is 80 wire or not? :o Sorry when it come to handering these kinf of thing I´m a bit stupid… :o and my english are not so good…as you can read it… :slight_smile:

Ok, my old Dvd burner is Pioneer A04 and I used back the same cable.

I used DVD DECRYPTER to rip the movie to the Hard disk and then using DVD SHRINK to burn it to DVD-R.Can´t find the NEC ND-2510A drive there. :confused:

`Did you check the jumpers on the back of the drive before fitting it ?
master and slave they will be marked´

So which one shoul I fitting it ?

80 wire IDE cables would normally be marked UDMA 66, UDMA 100 or UDMA 133

re jumpers : Check your A04 for its setting, if it was set on slave, make sure the 2510a is set on slave, but the N2510a likes to be set as MASTER, so if possible connect it too the 2nd IDE channel and set it as MASTER, making sure anything else on that channel is then set to slave.

You should also check in DEVICE MANAGER that DMA transfer mode is enabled on the IDE channel where the NEC drive is connected, and UDMA is also enabled in your PC’s BIOS settings.

Again this info is available in the NEC FAQ.

I used DVD DECRYPTER to rip the movie to the Hard disk and then using DVD SHRINK to burn it to DVD-R.Can´t find the NEC ND-2510A drive there.

Was this DVD read from the NEC drive ?

I´ve check Device Manager , IDE ATA/ATAPI controller and the cable is Ultra DMA Mode 2 and i also check the motherbroad layout the cable connect it to Secondary IDE ( is this mean slave ) ? I don´t know what the other cable that connect to the Primary IDE for,may is my hard disk… :confused: :confused: I don´t have the A04 setting anymore.It´s not in my PC anymore.

Yes, the dvd read from the NEC drive… I can play music and wacthing and even download songs/movies but I can´t find the NEC drive when I want to burn to a dvd-r from the DVD SHRINK…It´s not there.

Thanks for you patience… :wink: :wink:

Most PC motherboards have 2 IDE channels (primary and secondary) each channel has a master and slave, meaning you can connect upto 4 devices.

Strange it will read a disc but does not show in device manager, i’m at a loss, there are known issues with some IDE drivers (Nvidia) for one, although i have Nvidia drivers installed and have no problems.

Its late now though and my bed calls, perhaps someone else can shed more light on this problem ?

Just one last thing i can think of, power down the PC completely, leave it for 60 seconds then restart it and see if it picks up the drive, i can’t see it making much difference, but it’s worth a try

Thanks again… It´s late here too,but i don´t feel like sleeping when there´s something I can´t get it done… :a It´s 3:30 a.m now…maybe I should go to bed too…have to go to work at 8 in the morning…I hope someone here can help me… :sad:

have you try nero to burn data???

Or try using DVD Shrink to make an ISO and burn it back with DVD Decryptor. It obviously saw the drive for reading the image, so, one would think you’d be able to write with that.

Shrink uses the Nero burn engine, which means you need a current version of Nero that supports that drive. Open Nero and see what it says about the drive. If your version of Nero came with the A04, it won’t work with non-Pioneer drives.

Nero must also be updated to work properly with an NEC 2510A.
Update to

Hi and Good Morning…

First of all thanks for your suggestion. I´ve Nero 5.5 (that it not come with my old A04) and it don´t have any problem before untill I change to NEC. I never used Nero to burn my DVD movie before, I always used DVD SHRINK. Now even Nero can´t find my NEC DVD burner…so I can´t use Nero either… :a :a My Dvd Shrink can´t rip a movie thats why I have to used Dvd Decrypter to rip it first before I burn it to DVD-R/RW.

OK,now I have a quetion about the cable. I notice that the cable I connect between NEC to the motherbroad there´s are 3 conector,two on the both end and the other is in between and it had a mark saying something like connector 40 P (and this one is not connect to anything). Is there mean 40 wire cable? Should I go to get a new 80 wire cable and try it? Is that call 80 Conductor IDE Ribbon Cable? :o


I was looking at the net to see how a 80 wire IDE cables looks like. Is it truth the 80 wire always come with Blue, Black and Grey (the midle one) connectors? If thats is truth then my is 40 wire cable ( 3 Black connectors).

Yes, the latest ones are Blue, Black and Grey. But I have one of my first 80 wire cabele has only a Blue one and the other 2 are the same color.
BTW the Blue connects to your motherboard.

Does your drive show up in Nero infotool?
Are you using the latest version of DVDdecrypter?

Something you could try is deleting your IDE drivers and re-installing them after the reboot.

No, it díd not show up the drive in the Nero infotool and yes I ´ve the latest version of DVDdecrypter. I just updated it no long ago…unless there´s a new one,but usually it pop out a message to ask if I want to download a new version when they have it.

I´m still thinking is the cable cost these problem or something else. :confused: :confused:

Oh no… thats the thing I´m afraid to do…deleting IDE and re-installing them again. I have no idea which IDE or where to find it to delet it and how to re-install… :o :o Now I really hope the problem is becuase of the cable… :wink: :wink:

I have doubts it is the IDE cable.

But you could research which drivers you need for your IDE :slight_smile: for future needs.
Which OS are you using?

i´m using Windows XP Home Edition…

Then you use system recovery (i don’nt know how it’s called precisely in English) to make a recovery point and then you delete your IDE drivers and WindowsXP will re-install them (I think). And I if does not work you can always use your recovery point you made.

Do you mean System Restore Point ?

OK,now there´s a few things I´m going to try out. System Restore (let´s see it works or not), try to uninstalled some of my software, updated my Nero 5.5 ( on the NEC website I just found out these: Dual layer ND-2510A and OEMs (ND-2110A) needs at least Nero
version and newer.´ … :a :a ,please someone tell me that is no truth ) , I don´t want to upgrade to the 6 version…it´s mean I have to pay more… :sad: :sad: . or come to no more choice I ´ve to bring it back and change to other brand… :sad: :sad: This is a good price for a dual layer DVD Burner.

There´s one posibility is used other program other then DVD SHRINK ( something as easy as DVD SHRINK) to burn a DVD.But which one??? Oh well, my LUCK of buying this DV BURNER…