New DVD burner installed. No DVD audio

I changed out DVD burners. Now the new and the one I replaced have NO DVD audio. CD audio is fine.

I bought an OEM Nec 3550A drive. Had to fool around with the jumper set-up. Now jumpers are where they were when I began: CD drive is set on CS (?) and the DVD drive is set on Slave.

There was a point where the jumpers were set wrong and when I turned the machine on it would not go through the boot. When I changed the jumpers all was OK except no DVD sound.

Hope you can help!

Are these on the same cable 'cos if so they both need to be CS or master/slave. You can’t mixed Cable Select & master/slave on the same cable. Also with master/slave the master device must be on the end of the connection & the slave on the middle conection.

Thanks for the information. First time I saw it spelled out so simply!

It did not help, though. Nothing has changed. CD drive and old and new DVD drives play CD’s. OLD AND NEW DVD DRIVES PLAY DVD’s BUT THERE IS NO AUDIO. CD is on end of cable and is Master. DVD drive set to Slave. Tried CS on both, too…no change.

Any further suggestions? Check out paragraph 3 of my original message. Did I screw something up with incorrect jumper settings…when the machine would not boot up properly?

I hope you can help. THANKS AGAIN,

In Device Manager , double click on the burner & select properties. The Enable digital CD audio … needs to be checked. Probably is as CD audio is OK.

What software are you using to play the DVDs?

Getting the jumpers wrong can prevent booting but it shouldn’t screw things up.

Devise manager: CD was checked

Software: No DVD audio in Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Just a suggestion, I don’t really know much about this problem:

Try playing a DVD with VLC player ( ), since VLC does not rely on other programs/codecs, you will be able to tell if it is software (problem with AAC codec?) or hardware giving you issues.

I installed ( ). Does it play when used in conjunction with Real or Windows? I opened it and inserted a DVD. Nothing happened. No screen apppeared and no sound.

If you’re scratching your head…Who should I contact or what do you suggest my next move should be?


Just run VLC & from the file option choose what you want to do , like open disc.

Oh my gosh!!! I selected the drive…then it opened!!! There is sound but it is badly garbled… Perhaps that tells you something??


I went to the following site to determine if audio drivers were bad. I guess Audio Driver is bad. I downloaded the update but can’t get it to install.

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Sound, video and game controllers
[B][B] Avance AC97 Audio [/B] Bad Driver Download Driver[/B]
There is driver available for this device with a newer date than the one on your system. We show a newer version available than the version currently on your system.

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DRIVER UPDATE LOCATION: Download Driver | Report Bad Link
DRIVER UPDATE LOCATION: Download Driver | Report Bad Link
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Driver Date: 5/30/2002 Driver Date: 05/19/2006
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Company: Avance
Vendor ID: 8086
Product ID: 24C5
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