New dvd burner, dvd burning part works, not cd tho



So i recently got a micro advantage dvd burner and it burns dvds just fine but not it doesnt burn cds. I have tried at least 5 different programs to try to burn a cd but it always erros out and i cant figure out why. any thoughts or what other info do you need to help me out. thanks in advance.


this one
if yes, update firmware if needed


okay that got it to at least burn but i put 10 songs on a cd and it only plays one of them, do you know why this might bE?


a couple of years ago my plex 708 did that within a few weeks after I got it.I had to RMA it.The replacement I’ve had for over 14 months has done over a thousand strong.


whats RMA stand for?



so what do you recommend i do?