New DVD authoring version of MPEG Video Wizard

Details on the Womble site…released on 30th January.

Works pretty well, AFAICS, for those of us already using MPEG-VW. Advantages are that you can author titles to DVD straight after editing and pulling the sections down to the timeline. No saving and reloading into a different authoring app. Burning is via the Nero ‘engine’ (not provided) or you can build an ISO image for something like DVD Decrypter ISO write.

At the moment it looks like only one VTS is allowed, so multiple titles (eg a few episodes of a TV show) must be added as separate chapters. This means your individual episodes can’t have their own chapters. Contrast this with Ulead Movie Factory or DVD Workshop, where you can have multiple titles, each with their own chapters. However the Ulead products tend to re-encode the whole video at the drop of a hat, whereas MPEG-VW (DVD) only re-encodes at transition points.

There’s the usual one-month free trial - upgrade pricing from MPEG-VW is £24/Eur35/$40.