New DVD 16x Drive



Hi all.

I would like to purcahse a new DVD 16x writer with DL suppory.
My options as follows:

  1. LG GSA-4163B
  2. NEC ND-3250A
  3. BenQ DW1620
  4. Pioneer DVR-109

Which one would you recommend?

I will use it for $hitload of backups, music, games and movie burning & recording (legit ofcourse!). Also I would like it to read DVD’s and CD’s in an acceptable level or even better.

I’m a bit of a newb at optical storage, sorry :o

Thanks in advance,
Roy :bow:


I have just gotten the benq 1620 and its working really nice, $70 shipped, i would recommend that.

Have burned about 10 dvds so far, no problems at all.



Recommend you get a NEC-3500a burner - if you can still find one-

They have proven to be very reliable - give a great burn - and are very well supported on these boards-

Do a search of - DVD burners - NEC

Make sure that you check stock as they are no longer being made-



Why 3500 over 3520?



I have the iomega super dvd writer 16x dual-format USB 2.0. its a liteon external. i use japan made only media now and it works great. haven’t used the firmware on it yet but still can’t figure out why i should. CINDI :slight_smile:


Time tested hardware and firmware…that’s why I also went with 3500A.



AND - according to Dee-27 of the famed L&D firmware development team - a better writer than any other burner out there (supported by reviews)-

Better act quickly - 'cause they are going fast!!



You might have trouble finding the 3500A though. I know that newegg no longer carries them. Anyways I agree that if you can find the 3500A at a really good price then go for it. However Newegg currently is offering the 3520A at $61 shipped right now until 5:30 PST today. :wink: Anyways, the Pioneer 109 gets my vote simply because I would want D/L DVD-R writing capabilities. It really depends on how much that matters to you though. If you don’t care about that then I would go for the 3500A or the 3520A (depending on which one you can get a better deal on).


For ripping & burning quickly I recommned NEC 3520A with FW beta3, riplock removed & high speed burn capabilities.
Also for backups use high quality disks!