New DVB service found

I have DVD recorder, DMR-EX77, linked to a Panasonic Freesat TV. For the past month, every time that I switch on the recorder (even more than once in a day), I get “New Service found” then DVB Auto-Setup. Up to then, this message only occurred very occasionally.
It’s very frustrating because it eradicates what I have programmed to record and I have to start again.
Any ideas why this is happening? What can I do about it?

Welcome to the forum DocJ :slight_smile:

Well its probably detecting the signal each time. You might need to turn off the auto detect or something. there has to be something in the menu system that will hold the settings.

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Hi eric93se
Many thanks for your reply. I have turned off the auto detect and no longer have the problem.
I guess that I will have to reconnect it occasionally to bring the signals up to date.
Thank you very much for your help.