New duron for old mainboard?



i have a msi k7tpro2 mainboard with via kt133 chipset and a duron 700 now.

i’d like to put a duron 1600 in the mainboard instead.

in the manual of the mb it says that durons up to 1200 ghz are supported(that were the fastest durons available at that time).

is this going to work - the duron 1600 on my old mainboard?


Highly Doubtful … fsb is only 100Mhz on that board, not sure what maximum clock speed would be. Where would you get the jumper setting from etc. Even if it did function it wouldn’t be at duron1600 performance levels.


You could check and see if yhere is a BIOS upgrade for your board. Even if it’s only an upgrade to a Duron 1300 that would help.
But overall, you would notice a nice difference between a 1200 and a 700. That’s a nice bump.

You can get a Duron 1200 for only $33.00 shipped. That’s cheap enough for me, I’d get it if I wan’t getting a new PC anyway. Upgrading old machines can be a cost saving favor if you don’t need the latest and greatest. I depends on the user’s needs really.

You get also get a AthlonXP 2200+ or so which would own either Duron It’s about $50. You would probably need a new motherboard and that’s about $50 for a cheaper model. Then you might need new RAM, that’s… you get the picture :smiley:


It’s very likely that the Duron will work on your bord, but perhaps at either a lower speed or at full speed as Unrecognised CPU. This shouldn’t be a problem.

It could however be that it does not work at all. For the best, update your mainboard to the latest Bios (as Ssseth already pointed out) and take your computer to a local store to see if it works…!


Instead of replacing the Duron, do the following:

a) Go out and buy a decent heatsink/fan unit, something other than the stock AMD model. Read reviews at Dan’s Data for good models. Also buy an 0.7mm mechanical pencil and some heatsink compound.
b) Remove your Duron 700 CPU from your system.
c) Take the L1 traces on your Duron CPU and close them by drawing from point to point with your mechanical pencil. For more information, search for duron +overclock +“pencil trick” on Google.
d) Put some heatsink compound on your Duron’s CPU core, and put it back in the socket. Install your new heatsink/fan unit over the CPU, being careful not to apply too much pressure and crunch the CPU core.

You have now unlocked your Duron 700’s multiplier, enabling what will probably be some pretty good overclocking. Back when I had a Duron 600, I could run it with a basic Alpha PAL6035 heatsink/fan at 9.5 x 100MHz (950MHz) or 7.5x133MHz (1GHz). On motherboards that fully support the 133MHz bus speed, this not only equates to better performance due to the bus speed, but the CPU also ran cooler due to the lower multiplier. This trick works great for all the older Durons with ceramic packaging.

Disclaimer: If you don’t do this right, or bork your box, I am not responsible. This is hard to do wrong, but it can be done wrong if you don’t know what you are doing or aren’t careful.


I fried my Old Duron trying to unlock the multiplier. I ended up getting an AthlonXP 1800+ instead so it wasn’t all bad. :wink:

If you can list you exact motherboard manufacturer and model we should be able to help you out even more by telling you what you can get exactly. If you know the make, type and speed of the RAM in your PC that would help as well (in case your board supports 133FSB, the memory will have to be that fast as well). You may be able to stick in an Athlon Thunderbird instead of a Duron.


I know it’s possible to fry the chip, but if you cool it well enough, it should be okay. I clocked that Duron I owned down and put it in a system I built for a friend, it’s still running three years after I gave it to him (I ran it for probably 8 months myself at the overclocked speeds). It didn’t hurt that I had an Abit KT7-RAID to run it on, in its day, the AMD 760 chipset boards rocked. I didn’t even have to up the CPU voltage.

I figured he can do this for free, and if he burns the chip, get a different one.


No I didn’t fry it by using it; I fried it using the pencil trick. My chubby fingers couldn’t connect the bridges without accidentally making two bridges that shouldn’t touch, touch. The Duron never worked again.


I should have recommended the 0.5mm pencil rather than the 0.7mm as well, seeing as it has smaller lead. Temporary insanity on my part. I also used a metal ruler drawing the lines.


How come I couldn’t talk with you before I fried my Duron?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Live and let live as they say. I’ve learned more from my mistakes then anything else :wink:


i’ve done my share of duron overclocking as well using the pencil trick. took my old 650 to 1ghz. i think overclocking the duron would be a better solution than buying a new cpu that’s a few generations behind. just make sure you have adequate cooling and don’t cross the bridges; i personally placed tape over the bridges i wasn’t filling in to make sure i didn’t cross them.


Also forgot, I have long, thin fingers. Doesn’t hurt for stuff like this, or getting RAM out of tight spots. :stuck_out_tongue: