New dual layer technology

how is this accomplished
it’s obviously not done using the factory method of pressing 2 layers together
is it done by manipulating the laser and the media?
does the new dual layer media mean that a full uncompressed/uncut DVD9 backup is possible?

In a nutshell, there are two layers underneath the disc which are accessed by different wavelength laser beams (from physics, a smaller wavelength beam will pass through more objects than a larger one).
and yes you can do uncut dvd9 copies.

does this mean current DVD player will not be able to read these dual layered media?

It remains to be seen, but hopefully most players that can read single layer DVD+R will be able to read dual layer DVD+R (it’s dual layer DVD+R that will launch first).

Dual layer is a standard part of the DVD specification. Many movies and some DVD-ROMs are dual layer. What’s new is dual layer writeable DVD.