NEW DRW1016IM firmware A086





is it good?


Just some new media and speed changes.
But I have no problems with my new 1016IM. Works better than my Benq 822 ( still on this PC ) and much better than the very old LiteOn 811s :slight_smile:


well i have this drive, rebaged to emprex tho, so i guess i gotta wait till they put it on there site


It seems like BTC is really starting to work on there firmware. Isn’t this the 2nd update
for this drive in less than a month. I just updated to AO82 about 3 weeks or so ago. My
DRW1016IM was a rebadged Dynex. I think there is a auto-update program that might
update the Emprex to the new firmware on the BTC website.


still this firmware isnt the best, i might just have to roll back AGAIN lol


I do not succeed to understand the reason why for you this firmware does not go well.
Here I have not had problems at all and no coasters until February :confused:

The my first CD burner has been a Philips 2x, taken nearly ten years ago, therefore task of being in a position to understanding if something works or not. From February I have used many brands of DVD.
Some days ago I have taken 200 Dvd-r Princo 4x in offer, already burned 40/50 pcs… no coasters, no problems. My stand alone players can read them as well :confused:


well i might try it again when i get back in a week, maybe not, u may not burn coasters, but this model is by far on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best its about a 5 right now with there firmware

thats why i use my liteon as my #1 :slight_smile:


New firmware for DRW1016IM/DRW1116IM VA087

Best regards.