New DRM protections by Sony



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After the recent breaking of copy protections on Blu-ray and HD-DVD media, Sony announced a new encryption mechanism known as “CLEFIA,” a block cipher algorithm designed to help content…

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I wonder why there is so little information about what this new copy protection will be applied to. Yes they seem to hint that it could be Blu-Ray, but other information seems to lead us to believe that it might go as far as CD and DVD media, or maybe even HD DVD media also! (Sony IS after all, a member of the DVD Forum).


Which is why Slysoft, the folks at DVDFab (and a few other freeware developers) will continue to have thriving businesses. Ya! :B


Macro vision was invented for VHS tapes, and it was broken. Then CSS was invented for DVDs, and it was broken. Then AACS was invented for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, and it was broken. Now this. Einstein was right when he said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


AACS is not broken.


Addendum: And CSS and AACS aren’t copyprotections either. and Macrovision is merely a “copy-defacing”.


The interesting part is this one “and it will be soon implemented in hardware to protect commercial products like music, images, or even video”. Who will pay for this? Some side effects? Will we have the choice to buy drives with and without? Is it a Sony’s proprietary stuff or will all the others go along? How will this hardware perform its tasks? Will it affect our non-commercial discs? Will it prevent seing HD if some kind of “mark” doesn’t show? At the end, they claim that this “is much more dif to break”…that’s it, as usual the ones that pay there stuff will be the one to suffer the inconvenience and to pay the price.


"And CSS and AACS aren’t copyprotections either. : Right. They’re there for marketing purposes.