New drives starting to show last weekend at NEWEGG



The AOPEN 1616 and many others have popped up!


Any reason you would post this in the plextor forum? :confused:


PC-GUY! There is no AOPEN forum! I have asked that they start one, but there may not be enough interest in that brand. Also the Plex 716/Pio 109/Aopen 1608 and 1616 are very fast readers. I could never be happy with just one burner. One burner can not be great at everything. And the New Plex 740 is also out on the site!
Just a heads up that the new units are starting to arrive. I saw a notice that the Pio 110 would be out very soon.
I am not a one burner person but consider all the options!
Have a great day!


So why wouldn’t you just put it in DVD Burner? :confused:


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How fast? :stuck_out_tongue: As far as I know, the fastest reader is AOpen 1648 but that’s a DVD-ROM. Chass0039 recorded 14.65x max.

The fastest reader in DVD Burner is BenQ 1620 and LiteOn 1693S. How about 14.73x for DVD-ROM DL rip speed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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zevia! That is an awesome speed on the 1620! So the Liteon 1693 is a good burner also?


So I guess I was right and your just ignoring me. :confused:
Maybe a mod can fix it? :slight_smile:


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Thanks for all the great support!