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Currently have Benq DW1625 and SH-S182M and looking to go sata for the “extra” case room eliminating the IDE ribbons. I have been looking at Newegg for days!
Please help with a couple of great recommendations.
PS I don’t know that the IDE ribbons present that big of an issue!


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you want a sata drive, the first thing you have to check is if your mainboard supports sata burners. In older mainboard sata controllers are able to support only hard disks and can give problems if used with a burner.

What mainboard do you have?

What problems do you have exactly with IDE ribbons? These are certainly cumbersome, but if cables are not damaged I can’t see any trouble with them. Maybe you can consider to get round IDE cables, that are more flexible and allow a better air circulation inside the case :slight_smile:

About the new burner, do you have some special needs? For example, do you want a Lightscribe drive or not? Do you want to do scans of burned discs or not? Do you need a combo drive to read also Blu-ray discs or are you planning to burn also Blu-ray discs or you don’t mind ablut Blu-ray at all? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums pingisi.

I don’t think many of us are overly enthusiastic about the current crop of dvd burners. Some recommend the Optiarc 7260S or 7261S (the latter has Lightscribe).

One of the better drives from the past couple of years was the Samsung 24x drive, which has disappeared from most of the online shops. Meritline still has it for sale though: Meritline is a reputable shop.

If you are in the market for a blu ray burner, the consensus of opinion is that the Pioneer 206 is the best one available.


Thanks for the fast replies!
A friend of mine related that (1) SATA opticals now were faster than IDE (2) the cables enabled better case cooling, and (3) lightscribe technology was now “more perfected”. BTW my motherboard is ABIT IP35Pro XE.
I don’t burn a lot of disks but want to make sure the drives will be around for awhile.
I have been reading the discussion surrounding “True Lite ON” involving the chipset. Seems like a crap shoot if ordered online and cannot see the label. I guess SMART ERASE is not a real indicator?


SATA drives are not “faster” than IDE drives, other than the fact that their top rated speed might be 24x other than 22x seen in most modern IDE drives. This is normally not something to worry about since the fastest rated media is still 16x, and we do not recommend burning it at top speed unless you are just testing the drive/firmware/media combinations.

I’m not a Lite-on fan, so can’t really advise you on which one of those to look for. You’ll just need to read up in the Lite-on forum.

Make sure you have the latest bios for that Abit board and update your chipset drivers. There is a current list of drivers and links for the IP35 Pro boards in this thread at Xtreme Systems: Look at post 7565.


Kerry56, thanks for the help.
If lightscribe is a requirement and 16x is a media limit I guess my current drives are just plain good enough?


Your current drives really are good enough, in my opinion. I can’t see a reason to really “upgrade” to anything else unless you just need a new drive eventually.

I personally doubt that the ribbon cables are seriously hurting the cooling systems in place inside your computer (though it is certainly worth a test by removing any cables not required to boot the system and see how it goes). If it were the case, though, I would just do more research on the rounded cables suggested by geno888.

If you were to get a new SATA drive & retire the older drives, Kerry’s suggestions are top notch. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Albert;2572404] If it were the case, though, I would just do more research on the rounded cables suggested by geno888.[/QUOTE]Least trouble is with standard compliant flat ribbon cables. Standard compliant means: no longer than 18" (45 cm) and flat, not rounded.



[QUOTE=mciahel;2572416]Least trouble is with standard compliant flat ribbon cables. Standard compliant means: no longer than 18" (45 cm) and flat, not rounded.


Ah, yes, keen eye. Forgot to mention that aspect.


The biggest reason to “go SATA” is if you upgrade to a motherboard that is not equipped with IDE/PATA.
Ok, you can add a card, or try a converter, but some are not always great with Optical drives, or don’t support firmware flashing (and chances are, there WILL be a useful firmware update for optical drives).

As recommended in my motherboard manual, I have my HDD on an AHCI SATA port, with the BIOS set to put 2 ports in legacy mode for optical drives.


Thanks Matth,
I guess for right now I’m going to stay with IDE until I need a new drive…which may never be! Usage is very low.
I have my HD on ACHI and using the IDE for the opticals. Seems to work out. Thought the SATA might have increased performance.