New Drive


Just made a new computer and I’m looking at adding a new DVD RW to it. Currently my old drives BenQ are IDE :sad:, and i want to put a SATA in it. What I’m interested in is quality burns and it would be nice to be able to scan. Right now it sounds like the best burners are Pioneer and LG, however neither can scan. Which leaves Lite-on or Plextor (rebadged Lite-on). At least with the Plextor I can use Plextor tools to scan etc. So here’s my dilema. I can buy two drives (one for writing like the Pioneer or LG) and one for scanning. Or am I sacrificing a lot of write quaility by going the Lite-on/Plextor route.

Currently I’m using Windows 8 so for my BenQ Discspeed only lets me ScanDisk, Disc Quality freezes my computer, and even though my samsung 203b is SATA, in windows 8 even though I did the Regedit trick my Discspeed sometimes sees the drive, sometimes it doesn’t???