New drive?

I’m in the process of building a new system, and had read some recomendation on here for a couple of dvd drives. I had planned on going with the liteon ihas422 which i was able to get and the sony optiarc 7240s. From what i have read the lieton is a good overall reader and the sony produced good quality writes. I was unable to get the sony 7240s as it has been on back order for some time. I have found one place in ontario (canada) that has it in stock but they want too much for shipping (almost as much as they want for the drive) and i’m not willing to pay that. The store i got the other dirve from has no clue when it might come in, doesn;t list it anymore, so what would be another good choice in a sata for a good overall burn quality? It will be used to make back ups of my movies and music cd’s as well as for burning movies from my hd vid camera.

Have you checked out the Plextor PX-850SA? I believe it is the same as your Lite-On but with enhanced firmware, not to mention the compatibility with PlexUtilities.


Looks like the price went down.