New drive

This may sound lame to some people but I know when installing a new h/drive as a slave drive on a system you have to run an install program so windows regognises it but if just installing as a master from scratch and loading win xp does the xp program install or do i need a dos program to boot with floppy first?

If the BIOS supports the hdd (thatis an important factor) then you only need to partition and format the hdd. When installing an OS, you can do that during installation normally.

the board is an abit kt7a rev 1.3 with latest bios update and i had an weston digital 120 gig working before

Just set the jumpers correctly and go. Some motherboards won’t automatically detect a new drive , be it a hard drive or optical drive. In this case you need to boot into the BIOS & find the option about detecting the drives. Once that’s done just reboot.

In Windows XP you’ll need to partition & format the drive using the Disc Management function with Computer Management which is found from Administrative Tools.

[I]This response is based on the assumption that this is an additional drive not a straight replacement.[/I]

When installing XP on it, you shouldn’t need to run any software first. I’ve never had to. The XP install software can create a partition and format it.

Personally I boot up and run a hard drive diagnostic first to make sure the hard drive works.