New drive

I’m shortly going to be installing a new dvd burner and am wondering if Fab will recognize it, or will I need to re-install Fab?

I believe that when you install the new drive and you reboot, Windows will automatically reconize the new burner first. Then when you click on Fab, it should recognize the burner right away. And welcome to the club. If you have any trouble , give us a holler and someone will give you a hand. They are real good people here. Good Luck.~ Mike

Ok Mike; Thanks I appreciate it!!


Hello James
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I would also install it as the master on the secondary ide using an 80 wire cable.


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Also, as Mack mentioned, besides setting it to master on the secondary IDE, make sure it’s plugged into the end plug on that 80 pin cable. I didn’t know to do that when I first installed my first burner and had it plugged into the second plug and had my CD-RW pluged into the end plug. I had them set right as master and slave, but once I eventually changed the plugs around, I noticed a big improvement in read times and write times. So, Good luck ~ Mike

You should have no problem having your new drive to be recognized by FAB if not uninstall FAB and reboot then reinstall it again.

Well thanks for all your suggestions!! I used Mac and Astone2665’s suggestions and the install went well. I copies a few discs successfully to make sure the drive was functioning ok. The Drive is a Pioneer 111D. All the forums suggested cross flashing to 111L for bittsetting I did that. It is now an 111L 8.19. I wasnt able to update to higher firmware and the drive seems slower. but I am hoping to get help in the pioneer forum, and left a message there.


OK With the help of the pioneer forum folks I solved the problem and was able to flash the drive to 111L 8.29 … Works like a charm!!


Hey JT I am thinking about upgrading my pioneer DVR-106 to a 111 or else the 112, just where do I find the info to flash the drive, I thought I had it bookmarked but I didn’t (old moment as Tim would say) thanks in advance

Hi Jim,

Try this link (thread)


Jim give this a try.

The main things to remember are to do the flash in safe mode, and drag the zipped files to their own folder don’t try to do it from winzip (or what ever)

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.


Hey Tom ya think I would have a conflic if I left the pioneer 106D hooked up and just remove the cd player and replaced it with the pioneer 112 thus having two different models of pioneer DVR’s installed

Hi Jim,

Having the pioneer 112 replace the cd burner shouldn’t present a problem at all. Not sure what you’re looking at for prices, but newegg’s got it for $33.99 right here: DVR-112


The Egg rocks. Are you worried because of the flashing you did? When I replaced my CD burner with a DVD burner, I was pleasantly pleased to see it worked great. Then I could use both, one older one as the source and the newer one as the destination. Also cut the time a little to. Good Luck ! ~ Mike

Thanks Tom I saw it on newegg I was a little concerned if having two pioneer’s would create a problem, Time for coffee oh by the way Tim,Paul,Mike it was 83 here yesterday :bigsmile:

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