New drive

My BenQ 1640 just cratered. What’s the best available NEC drive right now, 3550? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it seems that it is the 3550. The 355x/455x drives have mature firmware that makes the most of them. Crossflashing to 4551 is another bonus (if you don’t want to crossflash and you are interested in labelflash, you might consider buying the 4551)

The more modern 457x series burn worse than the 355x/455x at the moment. Maybe its the firmware, maybe not; time will tell.

Thanks orion24.

It’s ok! New drives will be out soon!

1655/111 would be a good replacement as well as the 4167B!

The 3550 is the only standard (non-laptop) NEC drive offered in the USA, although some places are offering old stock of previous models.

Don’t forget the rebags of the 4550 and 4551! But all are the 3550 inside the case! Dell has custom developed a new NEC SATA drive and has been shipping it for some time. It is probably the new NEC model built to Dell specs.

But the 3550 is cheap and good to go at