New drive

Hi all, I’ve got an old 166s DVD-ROM and I am more than pleased with it, but it’s getting old, does any one know of a drive that is as good as this? and available now, ie: it reads better than any other that I know, and it reads RAM.

why don’t you just keep it. it’s a great drive and as long as it dosn’t have any problems, i don’t know why anyone wants to change it.

In the last 5 years I’ve upgrade my computer 3 times, but my old 166S is only I never made an upgrade. It’s the best DVD-ROM drive. But silver-spirit you are right, like the best things, one day vanish and finish, and you’ll need another DVD-ROM drive. But why you think in this problem right now if your drive is working? Let the time goes and enjoy it until is working !!!

If you want a drive that is as good as the 166S you will have to get yourself a burner instead. The new generation dvdrom 16P9S is faster with DL media, but does not read DVDram (if I remember), and people have reported that is is not a very good drive with games securities!!!
I don’t know what you do with your 166S, but if you do more than reading DVDs :wink: , keep it or get a burner!

thanks all, I agree with all you said, and yes it is only a reader, but one day it will turn belly up, and I was just thinking if there is a compatible out there, because I really would miss it.