New Drive

I have just got a new PC and the drive it comes with is a

Anyone know if these are any good? Or should I be looking to replace?.. :a


I got one in my new dell. The first one was bad, but the second one was very good, even using the dell firmware. This is actually a BENQ 1620, and can be flashed with the benq firmware if you so desired. But I wouldn’t bother. Mine burns very well with the dell firmware.

Personally i’d recommend you first, to test the burner with different quality media, and
then you could see, if the drive is workin good for you. Also it depends on that what you’d like to do with it, the burner is an oem philips-benq with philips chipset, so it’s not a bad drive, just my opinion :wink:

Thanks for your advice.
Mine also came in a Dell (Dimension 8400)