New Drive working in Nero

A friend has Nero Bought a PX716a and Nero recognizes it and he burns no problem. Is this a Plextor thing or will all new drives do this?
I have read something about software, with dynamic drive addressing. Something about not having to do drive updates to burn software. Could someone enlighten me about this .

As an avid supporter of Nero, I can assure you that it will burn with every drive you throw at it.
Pretty cool, it just sees a burner and runs with it.

For some reason, another favourite of mine, RecordNow Max version 4.5 (and others) needs a drive-database update to “see” new drives. I think that’s silly, and I will not ever purchase software like that again, because the support has stopped and now I’m stuck with a useless piece of software.

Maybe the question should of been. I know Nero works with a Plextor 716a. What other new burner models work with this version of Nero. Example Nec3550? BenQ1640? Pioneer110?