New drive - test - advice

After some research, I decided to go for the BenQ 1620 (not Pro).
I haven’t yet updated the firmware to the latest one. Will do that tomorrow.

I just tried to burn CD (everything ok), and I’m now going to try a DVD.
But in the meanwhile, I already made a CDSpeed test.
What can you say about it?
Is everything ok?

Thanks for your help.
Btw, let me congratulate for your forum. It sure has plenty of info and great members.

That’s a what you’d want to see out of a cd burn - I don’t think the WOPC works on cd’s so that explains the pretty straight line up to 40x. When you burn a DVD you’ll notice some dips as it writes, that’s the drive recalibrating itself so it can make a better burn so don’t worry about some dips, they should come right back up and be a good burn as long as the media is good.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m still here reading more posts :slight_smile:
Now, I’ll be off to make a DVD burn.
Btw, is there everything ok with the CPU usage, Interface Burst Rate, Recognition Time?