New drive recommendations -> Build Quality?



Hi guys,

I’m doing some research on DL burners to maybe replace my Plextor 716A.

The 716A is a great burner, but the build quality is rather sub-standard :frowning:

Everytime I get a replacement RMA, it works okay for a month or so, then goes all crap again…

I don’t really care about burn speed, but I want to get something that gives good low-error burns, reads well, and isn’t gonna conk out on me…


With new drives costing $40 you will not get rock solid build quality no matter what you get. They all have about $18 of parts at best. Just buy a drive with some time on the clock and you will have a better chance of not getting new bugs or immature firmware. Pioneer seems solid, but the last two drives I had die were Pioneer. I would just get what makes sense; there don’t seem to be any bad drives out there currently other than the BenQ DQ 60.


What have you considered, give us a list then we will pick out one for you


In all honesty, I haven’t gotten as far as picking out specific models; I’m trying to see if anyone has an opinion on specific models that have a good reputation for clean burns and reliability, 'tho forum trawling isn’t working so well so I thought I’d throw the question in direct.

It’s tricky; I went for Plextor because they had a reputation for building really solid drives - The fact that they cost twice as much as eveybody elses would make you think they’d use decent parts.
As it turns out, the 716 was constructed incredibly cheaply (From the photos posted in the Plextor forums, my old Mitsumi CD burner looked more solid!), and I’m a once-bitten twice-shy kinda person, and don’t really want to risk so much money on their newer drives, espescially since they are very Linux-hostile (They encrypted the special commands so that Alex’s pxscan can’t use them anymore, and apparently you can’t even use BitSetting with things like Nero in Windows with the original firmwares!)

<Yeah I’m slightly bitter :p>

I’ve been looking at makes like NEC, LG and Pioneer at the moment, but I’ve been reading good things about the BenQs too…