New Drive: PX-810UF

As announced by Plextor Europe:

that’s great,but it isn’t a real plextor.

i want a px-760UF.

Anyone figured out what it’s got inside yet? Pioneer 112 (if there’s any logic in the model no.)?

I doubt its a Pio clone, maybe its a Optiarc or Liteon…

I think it’s a LG (H44N ?)! Notice the form of the holes in the tray and the form of the bezel around the eject button.

DVD+R /-R: 18x (CAV), [B]16x (PCAV)[/B], 12x, [B]8x (ZCLV)[/B], 6x (CLV), 4x, 2.4x
Could be an LG with Renesas chipset. Maybe a GSA-E44N?

Heh, Renesas hardware with Plex-Firmware that offers 12x and 6x on -R? Now that would be something new! I guess it’s just a typo :doh:

Any definitive information, which drive the px-810uf is?

According to Ian @ cdrlabs it seems indeed to be a LG: