New drive not showing true size?

i used paragon drive copy to copy complete hd to new bigger hd, but system not showing the real size of new hard drive, but the same size as original drive, how do i get system to see the whole drive, i have it as one partition.

What OS are you using? Give a few PC specs please. type of HD interface (ide or Sata), etc. Never tried Paragon, but have you checked the partition size again?

sorry for not putting pc spec’s, if i clone drive again whats the program to use that will let me see the true size of my new drive and how is it done
maybe i missed something when cloning.
win xp pro sp3,
ide ata-100 hd’s
athlon xp 24000
ibm deskstar 60gb faulty?

It sounds like the Paragon software is trying to be helpful by creating a partition the same size as the source drive. I think there is a ‘Copy the partition with re-size’ option that you can disable.

Before you clone the drive again go to control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management and see what it says about the new drive. Size, partition, unallocated space. Post back. If it shows that there is some unallocated space you can use a program called Gparted,, to resize the partition and us the whole drive.

copied drive has healthy 18.64, unallocated has 18.64, i downloaded gparted but dont see an installer for it?

I’m sorry, there is no installer. You have to burn the iso to a CD, then reboot with the CD in the drive. It’s a bootable CD. From there you can see your drives and the partitions and resize.