New Drive Help



Ok my Lite-On 832S drive isn’t performing too well lately and I don’t know why. Burnt 5 coasters last night so I thought it may be the discs so I tried another 832s in another PC here and it worked fine.

Overall though I’m not really happy with the quality of burns with this drive so I’m thinking I should probably get a new one for this PC since I don’t want to keep burning coasters trying to figure out why it started messing up.

My main concerns are this

DVD-R Writing Quality (top priority)
DVD+R Writing Quality (I use -R but If I ever upgrade my standalone players i’ll go to +R)
DVD Ripping/Read quality
DVD Media Compaibility

Basically I want an excellent burner that writes 8x with very high quality burns with -R media. If it’s great at burning lots of media , cheap and good then thats even better. Also should be great at ripping and reading DVD’s.

I’d like to stay away from Lite-On and I can’t afford Plextor drives.

I’ve read good things about BenQ , NEC and LG latest drives.