New DivX Tool

I was torn between posting this in the DVD forum or this one.

I wrote a little program to optimize the DivX interface. I’ll inlcude the readme and a download link.

Note: Do to the way tripod manages it’s files, you may have to download the file by right-clicking and selecting Save-Target-As, and then renaming the extention from .html to .rar.

This is an optimized command line creating tool for DivX 5, that
automates bitrate (using an algorithm that’s very close to GKnot’s), RC
controls, Pyschovisual enhancements (beyond that of which you can get
with the slider), and more. It will also set the maximum bitrate (Once
that lazy DivX5 crew gets around to implementing it), using an
algorithm which I designed for use in Nandub, and slightly modified
for this program.