New DivX Pro version released, adds EKG application

I just posted the article New DivX Pro version released, adds EKG application.

Thanks to Flying Dutchman  and Womble we know  that a new DivX Pro version has been released yesterday. This new version has a  huge  list of changes but below you can find a list of...
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What what? The electrokompressiongraphen? :slight_smile:

what’s this crap?: aaalways trying to make some additional bucks, those guys :S

I’d say DivX would still be improved at better if they didn’t go closed source or require GMT adware installed to use the DivX pro encoder. On Afterdawn, there are more downloading XviD than DivX as a result.

I think that it is more likely that since XviD builds are released more often, everyone downloads it again, thus, the higher numbers are a result of more repeat downloads, and not of more actual users.

if a piece of software contains ad shit (eg. GMT) or worst - going closed source - users just ignore it eventually and find other open source + free stuff! Ain’t free stuff cool?! :X