New DivX-DVD-Player offered with Mediatek Chipset

I just posted the article New DivX-DVD-Player offered with Mediatek Chipset.

The german publisher reports in their online
newsticker that the German discounter Aldi Nord offers a new 3rd generation DVD player with DivX
support that includes quarter pixels…

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OMG!! 80€ with ac3 integrated decoder?! i just can’t miss this one, just hope it gets near real soon…

All mp4 dvd players have an “integrated AC3 decoder” but you still need an amplifier capable of processing this :slight_smile: Its a nice player at a nice price, we have discussed it on forums, but as with all devices of this nature it has problems with badly encoded files. If it had a network feature I might think about adding it to my living room, especially at that price.

flame and throw feces as needed, :stuck_out_tongue: but are these DivX/dvd players capable of playing DivX files with AC3 audio? That would be the big feature I would need to buy one.

Does it also play DVD-R discs ?