New DivX codec beta released, say hello to Manihi



I just posted the article New DivX codec beta released, say hello to Manihi.

TexasGuy used our news submit to tell us
that about a week ago a new DivX codec beta has been released called
Manihi. The DivX technology allows you to compress movies to about a…

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Is this going to be DivX 6 or just a new DivX 5.0.x ?


think it will be divx 6, its completely re-written, not just slightly change like they have been doing for the updated divx 5 versions. lets hope they make a 700mb filesize for divx 6 that beats xvid quality, cos xvid rules, but codecs for it are great, sometimes you get colours messing up and green everywhere, much simpler to just install divx.


There are a lot of optimizations which are to be made in order to see DivX 6… These betas are really better than 5.0.5 but are sooo slow!


Hate to praise Microsoft, but if you use Media Player 9, I at least loose all errors concerning colours and xvid, not to mention exemplery performance with divx. Have to hand it to em… MS now have a good media player [so long as DRM is kept at bay]. :X


I agree too!!! :o:c:o:c:o:c:c:c I am addicted to Windows Media Player. It has some of the best sound quality (WOW settings rule), and the video always looks great. The feel is good. I dare some of you to admit the same. People with Win98, you got shit WMPlayer, but people with XP and up, you know that it is great… Sadly, I am hooked on Billy’s drugs! :c:c:c:c;):wink:


WMP9 knows well DivX and XviD, but crashes regularly with more exotic codecs. Anyway, I certainly don’t use DivX to xform DVDs to CDs because it goes from crash to crash. XviD on the other hand is free and very reliable. The thing about the green mess of colors derives from diferent versions of XviD used (and there are alot of them).


I tried xvid a few times (a recent build) and I found blockiness, usually when scenes change, as well as small white dots sometimes. I encoded one vid 3 times, the last time for 8 hours with all the “quality” features, and I could never find the end result suitable. For me, Divx was not only faster for a certain “acceptable” quality, but looked better too, with far less noticeable visual problems. I am willing to accept I’m new to it, but “out of the box” it is a lot more complex than DivX and didn’t work as well for me. Audio, as always, I used the superior Ogg Vorbis, which I have nothing but love for.


Who really cares? DVD burners put paid to DivX already. And even if they hadn’t, I’d already decided to dump DivX when they betrayed their opensource roots and went proprietary. Then they added SPYWARE and now they’re flirting with DRM. I’ll stick to DVDs and XviD.