New Disney DVD's

Added: Looking for a way to bypass copy protection on your Disney DVDs? Try AnyDVD for free! END

hi all,

I am new so forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place.

I am having problems with the new walt disney dvd movies especially Bambi special edition.

Was just wondering if any1 knows how to overcome this problem?

The dvd will not read nvermind burn, i’m using all software available like dvd43, anydvd, clonedvd2, dvd decrypter, fab decrypter dvd shrink, none of these work!

Anyone got any ideas?

what copy program are you using?

It might be a dirty disc, defective disc, one with some mastering errors, a bad pressing, etc.

If you post some specific error messages, and tell us “program A said this about Bambi, while program B said this,” and also note approximately where on the disc these error messages occur, this might help give some clues.

You might consider returning the disc to the store, and asking for a replacement.

I have not heard of any newer “tough” protections specific to the latest Disney discs.


I can not copy Bambi Special Edition either. Anyone have an idea of how to? I am using latest anydvd and dvd shrink. also have tried to use dvd decrypter that does not work either. Using dvd shrink it gets about 95% complete and then gives me a message saying cyclic redundancy error or something like that. Tried to do the movie only with reauthoring but does not work either, that gets to 58%. Somebody please help, thanks

Hi folks,

I can’t copy “Bambi 2” I’ve used “Dvd shrinK”, “Dvd decrypt” and “Vob blanker”


If your having a problem -post the specs of your computer. There could be mastering errors on your disk. Try using clonedvd2 and anydvd from slysoft and you should have no problems .

use DVDfab Decrypter copy dvd to hard drive then use clonedvd2 to burn it


If he’s got anydvd, ripping with that would be a better choice :wink:

Hi guys,

It seems like none of you got the right answer.
Disney has paid a lot of money to be able to get this new technology that forbid pirate copy of their movie.
So far, none of you came with the proper solution.
I am a tech myself an will certainly find a solution soon.
If not, we must wait till the proper decoding becomes available.
Check this in the news:

This is unfortunate, but a reality.
If one of you comes with the proper solution, please post it.
Forget the: your disc is dirty or try this and try that.
We can’t copy Walt Disney Movie anymore…and soon the others will follow.

This was news last year… anydvd has already sorted this out…

Here is a solution for the Macrovision protection with the Disney Movies

I will try it and let you know if it works. But I am sure it does.

… it does… its dvd43… anydvd is the best protection removal you can get though

AnyDVD does not have this sorted out yet…I cannot copy “The Greatest Game Ever Played” using AnyDVD and CloneDVD, the newest versions of both ( for AnyDVD and for CloneDVD.

really?? maby you should send the ifos to slysoft

You should have no problems using anydvd unless you have a badly mastered disk. I would try a different disk.

I had a few disney dvd’s that I had problem with just used the ripper feature and all worked out well.

I have also had problems with new Disney movies with AnyDVD, DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink when ripping to hard drive,the files are unusable. What I do now is have AnyDVD running and use the open disc feature of DVDShrink. DO NOT rip to hard drive!! this is where I have problems, but a straight copy from the disc always works for me :smiley: sorry Walt,Mickey and Donald

It shouldnt really make any difference… maby making an iso image would help?

Doesn’t seem to matter what I use, it gives a CRC error message about halfway through when just analyzing, so I don’t know what to do.