New disc thinks it will replace the CD

I just posted the article New disc thinks it will replace the CD.

mcv3 used our newssubmit to tell us, that InterTrust Technologies are about to make a new media with Anti Piracy tech built inside.

InterTrust Technologies, a maker of digital rights…

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heheh yep I totally agree with you mcv3 :slight_smile:

There will be a replacement for the compact disc anytime soon. The only format that has the potential to replace the CD is DVD Audio.That being said,the new format would have to be backward compatible with standard DVD players and drives.There will never be a copy protection system that cannot be bypassed.The music industry is playing castch-up in a race that they can never win. Copy-Right protection systems should have been in place once home CDRW and CD-R drives were being sold to the public in the early 90’s.Copy-Right protection technologies that are being developed now are only delaying the fact that the content will be on the net.

Our whole economy is about playing catch up. This is nothing new. You think people would learn by now that you can’t stop what the masses want. The war on drugs is the first example.

Loosen up Amnesty has been granted till Friday Evening and it is expected that you will turn in your vehicles that have CD-players, your home cd players,your standalones. It is also expected that you will turn in your audio cd’s, at this time your data cd’s are safe for the present… Saturday morning at my house ya’ll invited for a skeet shoot with the cd’s. What am i smoking, better yet what are they smoking?

Sheesh,typical yea every 1’s gonna buy this now that we know they cant copy the music on the disc.why don’t we just drop all our perfectly burnable discs and buy this!?!?!??!?!?!PUH-LESE :frowning:

If the record companies like to sell more cd’s they should lower the price instead of spending millions of dollars on security. In the long term this is certainly cheaper, they earn about 7 dollars per cd (not the artist).